Eason Chan to fans: “Please respect original work”

After an earlier incident with his newest MV ???? being viewable online dispite never being aired, Eason Chan and his company, Cineoply Records, have discovered 3 of his newest songs from an unreleased album has been downloadable online. Cineoply Records has stated that they will have an inside investigation and when the guilty party is found, he/she will be punished accordingly.

Eason Chan has been busy finishing up final details for the release of his newest album at the end of this month, only to discover 3 of his songs ????, ????, ????, have been downloadable online. These 3 songs have appeared at various websites in the form of illegal downloads and the lyrics for the songs have also emerged. Dispite listeners leaving great reviews about these new songs, Eason cannot be happy.

According to Cineoply Records, 3 songs were released online before the final production where the lyrics aren’t even final. This is a shock and scare to Cineoply Records because this further proves it was an inside job. Eason comments, "I am an Ambassador Against Piracy but I feel helpless. The problem with illegal downloading is a disappointment. The only way to change this problem is by education. I hope that if fans like my music, they will respect my music and won’t illegally download music."

Cineoply Records representative Wong Gim To released a statement saying, "The songs off of Eason’s unreleased album that are avilable online is shocking to me. This problem causes serious damage to the music industry. I am issuing a full investigation into this matter and seeking legal advice while taking extra precautions to prevent this from happening again."

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