Eason Chan Remains Professional in Front of Camera Despite Suffering From Gastroenteritis

Yesterday, Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung continued to film for their new movie ?????. With a pale face and pale lips due to gastroenteritis, Eason continued to film. In front of the camera his expressions were full of life, but behind the cameras he was fragile and weak.

Early at 6 in the morning, Eason was already on location ready to film, but he never stopped going to the bathroom due to diarrhea, and he never stopped vomiting. He had no choice but to take some time out to go see a doctor. The doctor ordered him to stop working and get rest. Returning from the doctor, for the scene they were fimiling, the film company applied for the street to be closed, and real fire engines and police cars to be present. Eason did not want the company to reapply for everything just because of him so he sucked it in and continued to film. To lighten his work load, the crew set up all the scenes and only when the camera was ready to roll was Eason called to appear in front of the camera.

In another scene a smile was needed, so Eason stood up straight and flashed a bright smile. But immediately after "cut" was called, Eason could not stand up straight anymore. Standing next to him was Uncle Kwan Gin who immediately let Eason lean on him for support. The director also tried to get filming done quickly so Eason could return home and rest. Later that evening, Eason was supposed to appear with Edison Chen and Eric Kwok in a press conference to promote their upcoming "California Red 903 Golden Group Concert," but the press conference was cancelled.

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