Eason Chan Outshines Others As Best Male Singer

After winning Best Male Singer at the 13th Annual Chinese Music Awards; collective of CCTV, Channel V, and SMG, Eason Chan did a Q&A.

Q: After winning this award is there anything specific you want to say?

A: Every award is a form of encouragement, there are many other better singers than me, I am very lucky to have support from Channel V and SMG. Everytime I win an award it is an opportunity for me to thank those that I want to thank.

Q: You have one song that fans are discussing over the internet. They say the song is expressing Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng’s relationship. What do you think about that?

A: I cannot stop anyone from thinking the way they do, but I don’t feel the song is expressing their relationship. It was after I finished singing the song that I realized the song was about a break up. I am a little slow, I understand the lyrics to a song slowly. Thank you for discussing my song.

Q: This year you are the only Hong Kong singer that at the Chinese Music Awards, do you feel left out (no one to talk to)?

A: I do not feel left out. Lee Hom, Jennifer Li, whom I haven’t seen in 9 years, and I are had a lot of fun backstage. Hong Kong listeners are very busy, but I hope next year they will be more active with the Chinese Music Awards.

Elsewhere, the 29th Annual RTHK Music Awards will be coming up this Saturday. It is anticipated that Eason Chan will win the Male Singer award. With 2 high quality albums in 2006, Eason has the much support ranging from listeners to critics. Compared to his competition, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, and Andy Lau, Eason has the edge, which makes him the highly anticipated winner.

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