Eason Chan Gives First Red Pocket to Miriam Yeung; Hopes For A Golden Pig Baby

Eason Chan Gives First Red Pocket to Miriam Yeung; Hopes For a Golden Pig Baby

Eason’s first big red pocket that he had received wasn’t given to him by his family. Also, the first red pocket that he’s given out isn’t to his daughter, Constance, either. Because on the last day before New Years Eason and Miriam were filming the last few scenes for Media Asia’s film "Ah Miu’s Ten Years". Miriam took the chance to ask Eason for a red pocket. But it took a lot to get him to give her one.

The last day before New Years should be the day where families get together for a reunion meal, but Eason and Miriam had to work. All they can do is find some fun in their work. Miriam thought of asking Eason for a red pocket in advance and Eason gave a careless expression while giving excuses such as: New Years hasn’t arrived yet and that he’s too cheap to give out red pockets. All Miriam could do was to try everything she can and say all kinds of New Years greetings nonstop.

Miriam put her hands together (as doing New Years greetings) and said, "You just got the Favorite Male Singer, so I wish you get it every year. I even wish you get the Best Actor. This year is the Year of the Pig, therefore, I wish you get a Golden Pig baby!" After hearing this, Eason seems pretty happy and even laughed and said, "These are words that matches exactly what I’m thinking/hoping. I do want to have another child to accompany Constance. It’s just that I never had the time. As for me, I will continue on my music path/direction hoping to obtain people’s approval."

When Eason took out a red envelope out of his pocket, he said in reply to Miriam’s wishes, "You’re a big girl now. Someone hurry up and take you in. Wish you will find your true love very soon!" Miriam while taking her red pocket smiled and said, "That’s exactly what my heart’s wishing for!"

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