Dylan Guo Shows Body in “Clever Neighbor”,

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Dylan Guo shows his body in “Clever Neighbor”, and is super eyecandy for his fans.

Dylan and Liu Xin Yu, Huang Wang Ling co-star in “Clever Neighbor”, a present-day version of “Chatroom”. In the film, Dylan is a player, he isn’t straight with his relationship with both girls. One of the girls dies innocently, and even as a ghost, she wants to claim back justice. The script requires Dylan to show his sexy side, so he bravely exposes his chest.

But the director revealed that when it was time to film Dylan and the two girls’ relationship scenes, more staff who were helping film show up than usual.

Before, there were rumors that Dylan and co-star Liu Xin Yu are lovers onscreen and offscreen, which lead to reports that Dylan and long-time girlfriend Amy have broken up. But he said that he’s very sure about love, and he knows how to keep work and love separated, and honestly, he wouldn’t just cheat for no reason.

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