Dylan Guo Meets Yumiko for the first time ~ Surprised so tall

The very popular in overseas Dylan Guo, accepting 1.8 million new taiwanese yuan contract to shoot a Malaysian clothing brand SODA’s ad. Becoming Malaysia’s first overseas spokesperson star. At the signing press conference, he and the other spokesperson from Hong Kong Yumiko Cheng met for the first time, the two at the same time; Dylan said: [Wow, you’re tall!] Yumiko said: [Wow, you’re so slim!] Totally forgetting to introducing themselves.

The local Malaysians are more conservative, the drama Dylan starred in The Outsiders was cut from broadcasting since there were too much violence, but his 2 distributed albums sold strongly in the local market, international magazine [Men’t Uno] also often contacted him to shoot cover pages, giving him a great modern image spot. But his 190 cm height is too prominent, it was mind killing for the merchant sponsors to find a matching girl, at the end they chose height with 172cm’s Yumiko.

Yesterday Yumiko in 3 inch high boots says: [Rarely bumping into such a tall guy, finally I can bring these boots out to wear!] And for the first time working with Yumiko, Dylan asked some friends first about Yumkio’s background before hand, the answer was also: [oh, it’s that one on Hong Kong’s TVB anniversary performance where the partner pulled off her pants while they did a flying trapeze.」

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