Duet Couple, Mandy Chiang & Don Li, Split Up For 2007; Mandy Chiang Releases Solo Album

Mandy Chiang appeared alone at a Metro radio interview. She announced that she and Don Li will be developing their careers separately for the year of 2007.

During the program, the host, Barry Yip, requested for Mandy to choose a new male partner from the five male singers given: Endy Chow, Alex Fong, Barry Yip, Justin Lo, and Wilfred Lau. Because Barry’s fans kept calling his name during the time, Mandy expressed that she might as well ‘go with the flow’, so she chose Barry as her new partner. Seeing Mandy alone at the function, Barry started joking if she is splitting up with her partner, Don Li, but who could have guessed that Barry was right on?! In fact, EEG has decided that Mandy and Don will be developing their careers separately for the yar of 2007. Mandy will mainly be singing, and she will be releasing her solo album in February. A few days ago, she was shooting for the album photos, but she caught a cold because of the constanly blowing fan. Mandy expressed that because she is not sure of what genre of songs she is suitable for, her upcoming album will be containing all sorts of genres; she hopes to find her genre path from the reactions of listeners.

Mandy has been busy preparing for her new album, so it has been a long time since she returned home to visit her parents; it has made her very guilty, hence during the program, she sang a song to her mother. She joked that even if her mother did not hear the live broadcast, she can go online and listen to the archives.

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