Drama ‘Hotelier’ to be Remade in Japan

The television drama series ‘Hotelier’ starring Bae Yong Joon will be remade in Japan.

Japan’s Sankei Sports Newspaper reported on the 20th, "The hit drama ‘Hotelier’ will be remade in the coming April by TV Asahi. ‘Hotelier’ which will be aired on Thursdays at 9pm will star Ueto Aya and will draw the story of a hotel which is about to undergo a mergers and acquisition."

The producer of the drama commented, "I requested Ueto Aya to play the lead role who is not deterred by work or love. I look forward to a mature feature of her in the character that is troubled by love without an answer while never losing her smile."

Ueto Aya commented, "Korean dramas have complicated love triangles that gather much attention, but I would like to draw realistic love. There is no kiss scene in this drama. I would like to act out a great hotelier."

The MBC drama series ‘Hotelier’ which aired in 2001 was a story about a five-star hotel fighting through a mergers and acquisition, and featured the love story of a corporate hunter (Bae Yong Joon), hotel general manager (Kim Seung Woo), female manager (Song Yoon Ah), and the daughter of the chairman leading the mergers and acquisition (Song Hye Gyo), and was aired on Tokyo MXTV, NihonTV, and others, adding to the Hallyu Boom in Japan.

The Japanese remake of ‘Hotelier’ will start filming in mid-March.

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