Dragon Tiger Gate Enters Guinness World Records

Mandarin Films Distribution’s action blockbuster “Dragon Tiger Gate” has received remarkable publicity way before its general release. It has earned the Hong Kong film industry much recognition when one of the movie’s props, a punching bag entered the Guinness World Records for being “The World’s Largest Punching Bag”. This is also the first entry to the Guinness World Records ever made by a Hong Kong movie.

To celebrate this meaningful event, Mandarin Films Chairman Mr Raymond Wong has invited VIPs from the parliament as well as the film industry, along with the action choreographer cum leading cast Mr Donnie Yen, and other leading casts Mr Nicholas Tse and Mr Shawn Yue to witness the commemoration ceremony.

Mandarin Films has earlier received a confirmation from the Guinness World Records that the punching bag, which is 2.5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and weighs about 400 pounds, has successfully entered the records of being “The World’s Largest Punching Bag”.

The punching bag was tailor-made for the film’s villain “Shibumi” who uses it for his martial arts practice. Due to the punching bag’s weight and size, the movie producer used more than 10 personnel and 6 thick ropes to move it. In one incident, the three main cast had also called for 17 personnel holding each other by the hands, to encircle the punching bag. 225 packets of sand were required to fill up the punching bag.

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