Down Market Using 5,000,000 to Create a Nice Sound CD – Concert Hall II

Down Market Using 5,000,000 to Create a Nice Sound CD

This week without me having to say it, everyone should know which album I will talk about, especially for those who are Hi-Fi craze, I believe you will have Hacken’s album "Concert Hall 2", right? Before release, the company held two sessions of music preview and release party, the first session was set to entertain the reporters and fan club, the second session was to entertain 200 craze friends, a small number of music reporters received a B&O production HD DVD promotional disc for testing, that night they used the original tape to do a live test, the result was very stunning!

Outstanding Constantly Out

Obviously this time the company takes great risk to invest 5,000,000 during the down market, flying to Korea to record at a nice sound Performance Hall, also inviting a group of talented musicians to play for Hacken, even if the album was sold for $150, it is worth it, but surprisingly it is a bargain, it sells for only $90 along with the CD and DVD! With great expectatations the nice sound CD was actually Made in EU (normally the Universal Productions make the CD in Hong Kong), using clear image 1080 standard to record, the DVD also has all 12 songs MV from the CD, it even has additional 2 songs with outstanding scenery MV and is a 43 minute long Making Of, the 2 bonus MV also have beautiful scenery from Korea, also have a beautiful girl (Miss Korea) to guest star, the picture is so nice it looks like a demo from a media store, if it was HD DVD, then even better.

What To Listen And See For

First what to listen for, Personally I think "Concert Hall 2" songs is much more emotional than the first, no longer having the songs that I can not relate to, besides the constantly played at radio stations, "Sky, Water, City" actually there are a few more non-romantic songs, at a country that rejects love songs, one can see that the lyricist tries hard to write a song with a topic that relates to the everyday Hong Kong people. I personally like "Love is Thinner than paper" and "Buddies"!As for the sound quality, it is even better than the first one, the Korea drums, the accordian having over 80 years of history plays wonderfully, Steinway Piano sound is heard in every note, also the Korean harpist, plays wonderfully together. It is definitely an album that is outstanding!

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