Dodo Cheng & Lui Fong’s Turbulent Love History Journaled in New Song

Although Lui Fong gives other people a "wooden" impression, in fact he is an expert when it comes to romantic gestures! Allegedly, to make his girlfriend, Carol Dodo Cheng happy, Lui sought out reknown lyricist, Poon Yoon Leung, to write a new love song.

Entitled "Love Conquers All" ? ? ? ? ?, the lyrics detail the couple’s 15 year love history. Over the course of their dating relationship, Carol and Lui experienced many past turbulences, but everything has settled peacefully now.

Some lyrics from the new song:

"All the past prejudices and negative judgements have settled; love has conquered all. A light serves as the sound and song; fame and fortune may not retain shape, but the path that we took together crossed light and shadows…."

Lui has just completed the recording for this new love song. Lui said, "Haha, the song is just a small gesture. It is my first time to request a lyricist to express my inner feelings in a song. Carol knows about this song, but she has not listened to the final recording yet."

Is Carol extremely moved? "Not really." Lui displayed his happiness and noted that next time, he will attempt to write a song himself to propose to Carol!

Reporters asked Lui to comment on his relationship with Carol. "We have been together for 15 years, which is a very long time. We have matured together; the most important thing is mutual accommodation and respect. If you have shared interests and hobbies, then there will always be something to talk about for the rest of your life!"

Will Carol star in the music video version of the song? Lui laughed, "Haha I don’t think Carol will agree to it!"
Lui will be holding a come-back concert in March 2007 in Hong Kong.

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