Ding Ning’s naked scene in “The Hospital” fires up net discussion war

As The Hospital prepares to get target attention on its first broadcast, although its viewership was not as good as ” Shen Diao Xia Lu” before, the viewing trend is now becoming better and better. In addition, among the young audience’s discussion topics, particularly after Ding Ning’s naked exposure in a bed scene was shown on TV and The Hospital website , all led to a word war between online forum members. Somebody thought that the Ding Ning’s naked scene showed too much flesh, but there were also other who believed that it was not Director Cai’s intention.

As soon as The Hospital was shown, not only did it got media attention, but most viewers acted not just as viewers when they watched these drama scenes. Just talking if Jerry’s performance is good, online users immediately quarrel, that even many of the Japanese fans also joined the discussions. Furthermore, The Hospital has Ding Ning’s semi-naked intimate scene that led to more fiery word war talks.

Some pointed out that The Hospital is very serene, and having the naked intimate scene is very odd. But there were also others who thought that those who had watched “Sex in the City” episodes didnt thought it was vulgar at all, but when it comes to watching Taiwanese TV serials having intimate naked scenes, everybody would then think it was unfitting.

Ding Ning’s (acted as Guan Hua) intimate scene is important because it will show her far difference to sister Janine Zhang’s (acted as Guan Xin) personality to stand out. and also for Janine to voice out her strong shock on her older sister’s disarranged clothes.

In addditon, Jerry and Leon’s acting skills had become a hot topic. Jerry has many fans who go to his offcial website everyday, to convey their support for him, and also for Leon Dai. That is why it draws many fans to him that many people are now saying that he is today’s Taiwanese version of Tony Leung (Leon Dai).

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