“Dicey Business” vs. “No Turning Back:” Who Will Win Ratings Battle

Must Watch Reasons

Family battles and revenge story arcs, innocent deaths and downfalls, etc. have always been the secret weapon behind long-running dramas. TVB’s "Dicey Business" and ATV’s "No Turning Back" share many similiarities and with the crossover of ex-TVB artists to ATV, if you switch the channel by mistake, you may even think you are watching the same series!

Reason #1: Focus on Brotherhood

In "No Turning Back," elder "brother" Patrick Tam has always been outsmarted by Hawick Lau, even to the point where Patrick lands in jail due to Hawick’s manipulative means. In the end, Patrick is forced to take extreme measures to seek revenge.

In "Dicey Business," Bobby Au Yeung found his lost brother, Bosco Wong, after many years of separation. Since Bosco has a talent for gambling, he becomes a tool used by Bobby’s arch enemy, Michael Miu. A showdown between Bosco and Bobby takes place at the gambling table to settle their issues….

Reason #2: Leading Actresses Bet their All

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In TVB’s 39th Anniversary, there was a fierce battle in the Best Actress Award. But when it comes to audience’s favorites, it still remains Jessica Hsuan. One of the reasons why audiences may look forward to "Dicey Business" is because of Jessica’s draw.

"No Turning Back" doesn’t have a weak cast either. Leading female actresses include the rare combination of Deannie Yip and Amy Kwok, both skilled actresses. Deannie said the reason she returned to act in a TV series after a 7 year lapse is due to the series’ remarkable script!

Reason #3: Refreshing Villians

In a grand production, many actors will often fight to take the villian role, as they become hot topics of conversation and take the center of attention! In "No Turning Back," the often sweet Hawick Lau plays the villian, who causes the death of all his family members.

Aside from the young Hawick trying to break new ground, even veternan Michael Miu steps up to play the villian in "Dicey Business." Not only does Michael cause Bobby’s downfall, but he also pits brothers Bobby and Bosco against even other, resulting in a gambling showdown!

Reason #4: Young Actresses Trying to Break Through

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With such strong established actors in both series, it is not easy for the younger generation to break through. Even if they can’t act as villians, perhaps they can act as the most pitiful one. In "No Turning Back," Lulu Ng plays Patrick Tam’s younger sister. After Lulu is raped by Gabriel Harrison, she loses her wits and becomes delusional.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn "Dicey Business," Tavia Yeung plays a gold-digger, who gets breast implants to enter a beauty pageant. This plays right along the trend of cosmetic-surgery enhanced candidates we often see in the Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia beauty pageants nowadays!

In the past, TVB’s anniversary series was usually 30-40 episodes long, but this year it broadcast the 20 episode "To Grow with Love." However, the ratings have only been mediocre, perhaps it was not worth all the weight Myolie Wu gained for the role?

Eager to boost ratings, TVB quickly decided to broadcast ratings guarantor Bobby Au Yeung and Jessica Hsuan’s "Dicey Business." But ATV decided to broadcast "No Turning Back" in the same time slot, obviously challenging the competition head on. In Hong Kong, you can only watch 1 out of the 2 series. Which one will you choose to watch?

Hot Net Talk

Excerpted from Hong Kong Discussion Boards (Chinese Forums version): "It’s been a long time since a gambling series has been released. Hopefully it will not give people an impression of ‘leftover rice.’ Bobby is the love of housewives. The number 1 choice is of course ‘Dicey Business’ since it features Bobby, Jessica, Bosco, Tavia and Michael Miu!"

"I will give both series a shot and continue to watch the one with the better plot. When ATV straightens out their act, sometimes they have gems in their productions! On the other hand, TVB promises a ‘big thunder’ but ends with a ‘light rain.’ TVB often over-hypes their shows and many audiences have been misled in the past!"

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