“Dicey Business” Ratings Soar but Viewers Complain

TVB series "Dicey Business" aired its finale last week and reached an average of 34 points over the week, totalling 2.2 million people and rising by 4 points on the previous week. The final episode aired on Friday averaged at 37 points and peaked at a total of 40 points in its very last minute, the equivalent of 2.59 million viewers, marking a great start to 2007 for TVB. However, the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority received 7 complaints from viewers about the violence, scary scenes and the promotion of gambling.

New entertainment quiz "Is That Right?" (aka ‘Questioning Showbiz’) averaged 28 points, up 3 points on the same time last week, proving to be quite successful.

Wow rating for "Dicey Business" is pretty high. Bobby is always our "Ratings King". So happy for them!!

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