There are alot criterias that determine a good diamond. But of all diamonds, only few are really matters the most. The common ones which are known as the big 4 C’s. If you have surveyed about diamonds, you may have heard about the clarity, carat and colors. Where’s the other C? Well, it’s most often neglacted and this probably the most frequently ignored.

As most of us would have know (for those who do not, this would give you some rough details), clarity which also means “clear-ness” level of the diamond where it has no spot under microscopic view.Even with the lowest clarity grade, it may not be obvious to some of our eyes. It would be more obvious under the lens but pretty hard to see it with our naked eye (if you have a very good eye, you might be able to spot it). Thus, in most occasion, the guys doing their sales in your thrustworthy jewellery store would tells u, VVS1 may be good enough if you can’t already spot any imperfections in VVS2. And I happened to ponder, when you wear jewellery, would you be selecting for one which ease others or more of the feeling in you? I guess most guys would think the first one is appropriate enough to justify which clarity to go with but for the girls, I would say it is more of the second. Am I right?

Next up, carat. Carat is more frequently referred to as the size of the diamond. The higher the value of carat, the bigger the gem is. And this oftenly gives the very first impression of the person who wears it. For instance, if the gem has too small value of carat, it would be given less or no attention at all since it’s so tiny. But it would be a different scene if the gem is huge enough to make a person’s eye grows!

Kids are often attracted with the rainbow. That is so true when it comes to coloring, but a high value diamond should have 0 color, or crystal clear. As we know, rainbow is formed when there is light passing through the water. This is so true when applying to diamond. The diamond is treated as the same object of water. The clearer the diamond gets, the more colors it shines. Thus, if the diamond has a lower grade (ordered in alpha desc where A is the best grade), it means there is no color presence in the diamond. Grades below G are categorized to be near or not colorless.

The fourth characteristics, which is also the most frequent neglected attribute, Cutting.  Why is this been ignored when valueing the diamonds, you asked? Well, this is because most (if not all) of the diamonds offered are in the brilliant cutting (the best ones) which is the rounded shape. It is in fact difficult to cut out a rounded shaped paper (and what more to say on a diamond?). Unless you requested a different shaped diamond, else it is with high chance that the jewellers will offer the rounded shaped diamond.

Do you have more to share on diamonds? Wanted to share your experience? By all means, be my guest 🙂

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