Denise Ho to “reveal more” of herself for upcoming concert

Denise’s debut concert will take place in HK Coliseum between Oct 26 and Oct 28. yesterday the concert press con was held at HK Aviation Club. Among the attendees included senior staff from EastAsia and Commerical Radio.

During the press con, Denise was given a crystal badge, and in accordance with the concert theme, Denise made an oath to become the chief commander for her Illuminus Organization. The oath was very funny, which says "Turning Coliseum upside down, singing till the limit is exceeded, dancing till the ‘strap’ falls off" Immediately after the oath she raised the organization flag and everyone wished her good luck.

Denise wore in gold, and when talking about the concert poster, she said she was climbing a ladder at the shooting, which implies "flying up to the sky". She wanted to fly out of Asia and of Kowloon. In preparing for her concert, denise has been doing jogging sessions frequently. She also joked that she has to learn taping herself up so as not to reveal her chests by accident.

The production cost of her concert is a 7-figure sum, and Denise proposes to receive less pay for her performance in return for a more adequate budget to be put toward the production. Denise reveals that they will be selling limited edition tees of 18 designs. Another concert souvenir is a book which will have her precious pictures including her naked baby pictures.

When asked how sexy she will dress up for the show, Denise responded very quickly, "I have revealed the top for lotsa times. This time I should reveal the bottom." Having that said the crowd at the press con was shocked. Then Denise clarified, "I mean revealing my legs. Or I will dress up like Anita, adding some ice cream cone things on the head. But I won’t do explicit revealing." She continued, "I can accept a bit more bra top outfits. Right now I do jogging and go to gym daily. If I am fit enough, I don’t mind wearing a bit more sexy. The most important is to cover all the important parts. It’s very difficult to slim the waist and shoulder. Everytime I lose weight, it’ll be shown on the face first. If I am too skinny, I’ll look like a grandma!"

The press con MC laughed at the contents of the oath. Denise explained, "It means the show will go all the way past midnight. The ‘strap’ thing refers to my vocal cord. I sing till it drops! Oh, it should really be referring to the guitar strap." Denise said she didn’t know the oath beforehand.

The production executive mentioned that Denise can add shows, but Denise replied, "Last time I did 7 shows for the musical. I was totally exhausted after that. I really need to think if I should add shows this time!" Actually, adding shows is a bit tricky because the concert stage is a very weird design and the show that follows hers might not be able to use her stage at all. It all depends if TVB agrees to use her stage. When asking if she can add matinees shows, Denise said that’ll be an ultimate challenge for her.

Regarding guest performers, Denise saddened and said her most wanted guest performer Anita cannot come, so she doesn’t want to invite any other performers. When asked if she’ll invite Joey and Wilfred Lau to her show, she said she won’t, "They’ll come if they are my friends. If they don’t show up, I’ll blame them for my whole life!" Sammi also agreed to come support her.

Furthermore, there was a rumor of Denise’s having a J-letter tattoo on her pelvis. Denise revealed her waist yesterday but the rumored tattoo was nowhere to be seen. Denise responded to reporters’ questions about the tattoo, "If you can see it, then there it is. If not, then there isn’t."

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