Denise Ho shoots MotoMing Ad and MV in Guangzhou

Denise Ho (HOCC) was in Guangzhou a couple of days back to shoot a mobile phone commercial. She had the privlege to work with Vernie Yeung, who has also directed Kylie Minogue’s? I Believe in You ? music video. Denise had to dance under the sweltering weather of 40 degrees celcius, perspiring and almost had a heat stroke.

After Denise became the spokesperson for Motorola, the sales figures for the product have shot up greatly. Hence the sponsors have decided to get her to shoot another advertisement. Vernie Yeung was to be the director for the new MotoMing ad that uses the theme song “Gwong Ming Wui”? ? ? ? ? (written by Denise). This song will also be the theme song for her October concert in HK. The director will also edit the ad into an MV for the song, and was very strict with Denise to get every angle right.

Under the hot weather of 40 degrees, she had to dance with six other dancers. To prevent anyone from suffering from a heat stroke, Denise got her assistance to prepare several handheld electric fans. Denise danced non-stopped and was perspiring a lot, she laughs saying that you could wring out water from her clothes. She even lost 2-3 pounds. When everything was well prepared, it had started to rain and they were forced to move the filming location elsewhere. The sponsors held a press conference today at Mongkok, and generously spent HK$5,000,000 to strongly promote the advertisement during prime time.

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