Denise Ho requests to release EP

Denise has been busy lately practising a dance for her new song. Her company pays a huge amount on hiring 6 dancers and a dancing coach for the dance performance. Denise said she seldom danced in the past because she wanted to help her company save some money, but seeing that more singers are joining her music family, she thinks it is okay to use some of the resources for herself. Her boss has never complained about her use of resources and she has complete freedom on music production. Yet her company does push her to speed up her album production.

Denise’s original plan is to release her new album before the october concert. Unfortunately, according to her ‘snail’ speed, the release will likely be postponed to november. Denise also wants to produce EPs only. She feels that most people are not into buying albums. It’s simply a waste of time and resource to include many tracks in a full album as at most 3 or 4 songs will get plugged on the radio. She feels bad for composers and lyricists who contribute to the songs that are not plugged. Releasing EPs will give her more time to produce better music.

Today is the day of prebooking of tickets for Denise’s concert which will be held from Oct 26 to Oct 28. Denise said a lot of her friends request to sit in the first row. She said, "Where come that many first rows? My mom has booked several hundred tickets for her friends. She already paid me." Oct 10 is her mentor Anita’s birthday. Denise wanted so much to have the concert on that day, but the time slot is unavailable.

For shooting for the concert poster, Denise invited Man Lim Chung to be the art director. In the poster, Denise appears as a golden warrior. She is in gold from hair to toe as yellow and gold are her lucky color of the year. Denise is very satisfied with her hair. She said, "I dyed my hair gold three years ago, but this time I just have some golden streaks taped to my hair. My fans thought I really did dye my hair and left messages at the forum nagging me for often neglecting the health of my hair. Then the other day my hair is back to normal, and they thought I listened to them and dyed the hair back to black. This totally laughs my head off."

During the poster shooting, Denise had to pretend climbing a ladder. She had one hand holding to the ladder, one leg hanging in the air and kept posing for a couple hours. Denise, having not much exercise, was complaining about tiredness and needed the crew to massage her. Denise was joking that her arm has a "little mouse" (muscle) now! Denise was wearing a low cut outfit that day. When asked if she’s afraid of exposing her chests again, she said people around her have no interest in her figure.

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