Denise Ho is worried about glitch in hotline

Glitch in hotline, Denise is worried that might end up in some fans trying and trying to call.

Denise will be having her concert in October, and hotlines for ticket booking opened a few days ago.
Due to the over-enthusiasm of fans, it led to the problem (of them being unable to get through the line) and some fans called up the company to complain that they were unable to call through.

Actually, a similar incident happened a few years back during her musical (Leung Joke), and having known about this, Denise is both happy about the ticket sales, but worried that her fans will have to keep trying and dialing (until their fingers are sore).

The 10,000 tickets originally set aside for preorder were all sold out within 5 hours, and the organiser thus added another 5000 tickets for pre-booking.

At the same time, they’re discussing with TVB about whether it can postpone its shows so that hocc can add more shows, as the slots after Ah C’s 3 shows have already been booked by TVB.

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