Denise Ho Defends Sammi from misleading words

At her recent concert, Hocc told the audience that she was very proud of her two songs <Goodbye Rosemary> and <Rolls Royce>, and because of that, her sexual orientation has been questioned. During an interview with Commercial Radio yesterday, she was asked if she was trying to say something about her sexual orientation. She said, "I am proud because I have not worried about what others think in singing these 2 songs. I do not care what others are saying, and do not think it is necessary for me to clarify anything, or be put off by the reports. I think that in this day and age, sexual orientation should not be such a big issue any more." Hocc then went on to say that she was not making a statement about her sexual orientation.

When she was asked about the fight betwen herself, Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng to be the Number One sister at East Asia, Hocc laughed and said, "I’m very proud to be even mentioned in the same breath as them. In my eyes, Sammi is like a sage, and I don’t think she has to fight over anything." Hocc went on to say that they were all in different stages of their career, and what they each wanted and needed was very different from the others. As to what she thought of Sammi saying that she would have no use for Hocc’s things, Hocc said that she thought the media had taken Sammi’s words out of context and Sammi had called her to explain herself. Hocc went on to say that she never took what was reported to heart, and thanked Sammi for her support. "I know she is very supportive of my work, and she is very long-winded. She often calls me to encourage me!"

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