Deep Ng interview

Squat: Your Chinese name is Ng Ho Hong. Where did the name "Deep" come from?
Deep: because I have never heard anyone use this name. I wanted mine to be special and I thought that putting D-E-E-P together was really nice and that’s why I use this as my name. I love this name.

S: When you are not working what do you do around Hong Kong?
D: Go swimming, running, watching movies, playing piano or having dinner with friends and thinking about my future.

S: How did you get spotted as a talent?
D: Through my hard work, my music and my performances.

S: Because of your "bad boy" past the Squat team think you are one of the coolest stars to grace the Hong Kong entertainment scene. What do you think?
D: I appreciate you think I am one of the coolest stars to grace the Hong Kong entertainment scene. However, I hope it’s not only related to ”bad boy” image.

S: You’re latest album, Documentary is considered be your most solid. What do you think of it?
D: It was what I wanted. I wanted to let people know more about me. It is my documentary.

S: You command a lot of respect for giving great live performances. Is performing live the best part of the job?
D: I only know that I must give great performances when I still have the chance to do this, I love my job, every part of it.

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