David Tao & Leehom & Jay : The Next Kangta and Vanness

David Tao appeared recently on RTHK for his album promotion. David’s new album "Tai Mei Li," has recieved mixed reviews from his fans. Some are disappointed that he didn’t include a "strong social message". One individual critisized David’s rapping in the album, "David shouldn’t rap, he should leave that to Jay Chou." David responded that he doesn’t like comparing himself to other artists such as Leehom or Jay Chou.

David and Leehom have actually collaborated on multiple occasions, including a charity concert in 2004 which raised over 3,000,000. They also collaborated for another charitable cause in 2003; the two wrote, produced, and composed the SARS song, "Hand in Hand," in just 1 day.

He said that he would love to collaborate with Leehom again or Jay Chou. "We could become a band, like Kangta and Vanness. But instead of dancing, we’d be playing instruments, haha."

David and Leehom’s Special Relationship:
David and Leehom continously thank each other on their albums, so what’s the deal?

"Leehom and I have a very special relationship, not in a gay way or anything. But we both admire each other’s music greatly. His music always provides me with inspiration even if it’s not the type that I like. What I respect about him is his open-mindedness. Not only as a person, but as a musician. He isn’t afraid to experiment. I know over the years he’s recieved a lot of criticism for not having his "own style." However, Leehom’s "style" is the fact that his albums are never the same. Just as some singers prefer to stay stagnant to one style, Leehom likes to change around his music, and that’s his style. He’s a very eager learner and is always open to knew perspectives. However, sometimes he gets too wild and his company gets angry because his songs aren’t "commercial" enough. I’ve had times when Leehom’s called me for advice, because he wants to include a song in an album, however his company wants him to write a song that’s more "commercial and marketable." Leehom doesn’t like writing such songs because he finds the process boring. I think if Leehom could, he would just crawl into a corner and write what ever music he wanted. He’s often caught in between his own artistic nature and Sony’s commercial demands.

We aren’t friends in a way that we hang out or go to the movies. He usually hangs out with Hei Ren and them. However we are the type that will always give each other our honest opinion on each others music. I think we just really appreciate one another’s dedication to music. His passion about music really moves me and we can discuss and give each other new ideas for hours on end."


David expressed that he hopes one day he can dawn the same stage as Leehom and Jay Chou and the three of them could just play to their own heart’s desire. "We could just do some impromptu random stuff and play whatever music that comes to our minds, you know on-the-spot composing." Yet that seems pretty far in the future as all three have their own goals with their own agendas along with the fact that each is from a different company.

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