Daughter In-Law Cecilia Cheung Fails to give Early Notice; Deborah left crying each day

With Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s secret marriage, it was understood that Deborah Li was always in the dark. Even with the recent headlines, Nicholas had yet to personally inform her, leaving Deborah to cry for the entire week. It’s no wonder Nicholas flew back immediately to Hong Kong, in order to explain himself!

The other day, Nicholas finally confirmed that he and Cecilia got married, thus bringing about congratulations; this however, only elevated Deborah’s pain! It was seen that Nicholas, whom recently returned back to Hong Kong, carrying the intention of explaining to Deborah; admitted that there has been a misunderstanding between his mother and him. "She did indeed find out later, but again, this is a matter between me and my mother. There’s no need for me to share with others." Will she be angry with your wife too? "She won’t! But anyways, I will not discuss family matters. My father has also told me that I don;t need to converse with outsiders! I do understand that parents will always carry the most concern." Will you celebrate the moon festival with your entire family? "I’ve never been the type to follow up on holidays. I don’t normally celebrate!" How do you plan to apologize to your mother? "I will have my own way in asking for her forgiveness." With a cup of tea? "Again, I won’t discuss family matters!"

Finding out After Outsiders is the Most Frustrating Part

As for the one who’s been miserably in the drum, Deborah Li hesitantly comes to the open, after leaving the heartfelt telephone message; the other day, she disclosed her dissatisfaction towards Nicholas and Cecilia’s secret marriage. On Cha Siu Yan

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