Dasepo Naughty Girls Teaser Trailer Released

From bored housewives looking for happiness, and a Casanova trying to conquer his biggest prey, to… high school students, dating, dancing, singing, and doing something a little raunchier in the weirdest School in town. Lee Jae-Yong has had quite the interesting career, after bringing back veteran Lee Mi-Sook after a long hiatus in ?? (An Affair), and showing Bae Yong-Joon can actually act when he takes off the scarf and glasses in ??? (Untold Scandal). Now this, ??? ?? (Dasepo Naughty Girls), adapted from a wildly popular (raunchy, and hilarious) online manhwa, and his first work without writer Kim Dae-Woo, who went on to direct ???? (Forbidden Quest).

This has a really nice cast, with some of the most talented youngsters in the scene: Lee Kyun from cult sitcom ??, ????? (Hello Francesca); Kim Byul, from the great short Drama ????? (Taereung National Village); Kim Ok-Bin from ???? 4: ??? (Voice) and the KBS Drama ????? ??? (Hello, God!), and her partner in the show joining her once again, Yoo Geon. Expect a small Preview by the end of the month. Release is set for August 10, and judging by the trailer, this has cult hit written all over it…

mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2006/07/dasepogirl_tr_700k.wmv Teaser Trailer (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Teaser Trailer (Downloadable, 24mb, Windows Media)

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