DaS plays a rich girl, gets scolded as old

"Corner with Love" has only been airing for 2 weeks and it has already caused a war between the fans of "Hana-Kimi." Because the time slots clash, many fans have started to discuss each drama on forums and some have even started to argue. "Hana-Kimi" fans have scolded DaS, saying that she is already 30 yet she is still acting as a young, rich, spoilt girl, whereas "Corner with Love" fans have argued that Ella is 26, and she still plays a student, how disgusting.

"Hana-Kimi’s" producer said that DaS’s acting is good, but Angie Cai does not want to admit to defeat, as she is already making bets and have told the crew and audience: "We cannot lose!"

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