Daniel Wu Replaces Ekin Cheng as Spokesperson for Watch Company

Daniel Wu has recently replaced Ekin Cheng as the image person for a men’s watch range and has filmed the Asian region advertisements for ‘Me’. The photo shoot was held earlier at a villa.

When arriving at the venue, Daniel felt that the building was very familiar. Daniel, who studied architecture in USA, had a job at an interior design company when he first came to Hong Kong. The villa that they were shooting at was quite similar to designs his former employer had done. After asking around, Daniel realised that the villa had indeed been designed and owned by his former employer. Daniel commented, “My sister’s apartment was also designed by him. I will call him up and say hi. I am very happy!”

It has been reported that Daniel was chosen for this job because of his professional attitude and his international fame. The advertisement will be released in Hong Kong and other big Asian cities this month.

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