Daniel Wu and Lisa S just got Married

It has been official that both of them are married. Daniel Wu have posted in his blog at alivenotdead. There are some photos in his latest “My weddings” post updates. He is one of the top 19’s beautiful men in Hong Kong and I believe most of his female fans would be happy sad over his status changed. I, myself, finds him a very attractive and sexiest celebrity among the asians, especially his voice and the slang when he speaks chinese. For some of you who do not know, when Daniel Wu jumped into the celebrity world, he hardly knows chinese. He was brought up in Orinda, California and travelled to Hong Kong on 1997 (during the handover of Hong Kong to China). I got to know that Maggie Q was once his ex-gf but sadly, it didn’t turn out well (not sure if it has anything to do with the edison chen’s scandals). But all in all, it’s a great news and my big congrats to Daniel Wu and Lisa S.

P/S: Lisa S is into the Modelling.

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