Da S to fry rice, won’t rival Jerry Yan’s street dances

Da S’ charms will fry rice, and will not rival Bao Long’s (Jerry) dancing in the streets and to add to F4. Because they are promoting travel tours, theTraffic Bureau and Tourism Office will release an idol drama, and managements each recommended their idol stars for the project. Having already verified the details, F4 management said that the F4 handsome guys will star in that drama. Male lead Jerry Yan will portray a boy dancer instructor.

According to sources, besides proposing the advantages of F4, "Ke mi rhu zhi" and GTV also joined in at the Tourism Office proposal of hiring Da S, and Xiao Zhu Luo Zhi Xiang as the male-female lead to present Taiwan’s tourist spots, like the form of "Meteor Garden" male-female couple. GTV also plans to set up leading lady Da S to personally go to the kitchen and fry rice. But Da S and Xiao Zhu Gua are not overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Finally, the Tourism office had its eye on the Japanese and Korean market, and chose the F4 members who swept all-Asia.

Although Jerry is not the best dancer among F4, yet the drama plot will portray him as a boy dance instructor. Jerry’s manager Jing Yi Peng also said that they haven’t seen the script yet and not clear with the details. He merely smiled and said, "He will not mind dancing. In the concert he also had dance numbers. But if it is a street dance, it’s a whole new challenge again."

GTV Planning Department then expressed that they really favored the proposal of the Tourism Office. But the leading lady has only Da S, and that other details have not been discussed and selection is not yet completed.

Producer Ke Mi Rui Zhi revealed that details had been recently been discussed with the Tourism Office. According to indicators, the title and plot has not been determined yet. Tourism office expressed that they will not intervene with the plot, because the producers will be the ones to handle that, and they only required that the drama must contain a certain scale of Taiwan’s famous scenic spots.

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