Da S talks Frankly about herself

Full of romance written on her face, DaS was seen dressed in a pink dress. When she waves, she lets off a mature essence in her. During the interview, DaS was very kind, and even admitted: "Im not the good and well-behaved child in the family as everyone thinks i am."

"Im not well-behaved, thats why i enjoy filming ghost movies."

"You guys have been tricked by my "Meteor Garden" character "ShanCai."" She has been often labelled as "innocent," "pure," "good," but DaS expresses: "I am not good. I enjoy upsetting and strange things, such as provoking people or things. i have a brain full of weird things."

From "The Ghost Inside," "Chinese Ghost Story," to "Silk," they all have to deal with ghosts, and this satisfies DaS’s "freaky urge" inside of her. "Im nor afraid of being ugly, that’s why i agreed to be made-up like a dead person; i enjoyed this movie." DaS remembers that last day of filming, it was near dawn and DaS didnt have time to wash off her makeup before heading home. At home, DaS sat in the living room, and HsuMaMa just came home from playing MaiJong. When HsuMaMa walked in, DaS slowly turned around and whispered a "MaMa," scaring HsuMaMa to death. HsuMaMa then says: "Daughter, what happened to you?" The daring and "rebel" DaS obviously loved this experience because she got to scare her mother, it gave her a awesome experience. "But having to be made up like this is very painful, everytime takes around 8 hours. Because of this, i treated the 2 males leads to dinner, forcing them to face me with the make-up on. Even when i went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror, i would get scared for a second."

"Im smart, because i am alert at work"

The brand(Tissot) expressed that they chose DaS as their spokesperson because they feel that she is smart. "Out of the Asian females, we felt that her cleverness fitted what we were looking for." When DaS was asked about this, DaS responds: "Looking at myself, i dont see how clever i am, but at least i know that im more smart then a monkey." DaS says that she is alert at work, keeping an eye on the time and knowing what she needs to finish that day, and that she is good at determining things. "If that counts as being smart, then i guess i pass. but in terms of society, then i am far behind."

DaS has her future work schedule planned out. As of now, she wants to film. "Ive already quit my spot in "Entertainment 100%" because i want to focus on filming." Her past 8 years of hosting as given her a bit of stress. "Having me and XiaoS in front of the camera joking around and raging, i feel very stressed." DaS says that whatever she does, she does it based on feeling and interest, if none of these are present, she will not force herself to continue with the job. "If one day i return to hosting, it is because i found a new interest in it. When me and my sister talk about hosting, we want to do a interview type of host job.

"Im afraid of being in the sun, so i dont take strolls along the beach with ZaiZai"

The company had given DaS a wristwatch with her name "XiDi" engraved on it. DaS says that she enjoys collecting accessories, and that they make good presents because they are unforgettable. When asked if she will give her engraved watch to her lover ZaiZai, DaS said: "Tissot has already given me 2 sets of "couples watches." the first set i gave to my dad, and the second set i gave to my elder sister and her husband. In our family, there are so many males, the list goes on and on, but the next time i get a "couples set," i will give it to the person you guys want to me to." Using "the person" to describe ZaiZai, DaS was smiling sweetly. When asked if DaS will wear her new watch which has a "sea" theme to the beach with ZaiZai to take walks, DaS straight forwardly replied: "I’ll wear the watch, but not to the beach because i dont like being in the sun. Even if i do go to the beach, i will pick a cloudy day." It seems like the "Beauty Queen" cares about her beauty more then her lover.

"I will be beautiful, so i am not afraid of being 30"

Turning 30, DaS still has her cute and girly face plus her petite figure. Seeing this, DaS says that all her efforts ever since little has not been wasted. "Everyone around me has suffered mentally or physically by my craziness of beauty, but now when they see how it has effected them in a positive way, they have nothing to say." Ever since she was little, she would hear how getting older will effect you, but DaS says: "Im 30, but i dont think i have changed that much in terms of appearence or attitude. Even if i have changed, it is acceptable. Age increases everyday, and i enjoy that because i get more mature and grow. So even though i am 30, it’s not that big of a change."

As her thoughts towards awards and fame, DaS says: "Everything i do is out of interest, not because of some sort of reward. If i did everything based on awards, then i would be too materialistic. Women like those get old really quick." Signing up for the "Best Actress" for the "Golden Horse Awards," DaS is not stressed or nervous at all. "This character was a challange, that’s why i chose it. It also lets me work with many great people, this is worth more then an award. Getting or not getting and award is not within my wants."

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