Da S Shares Her Drawing Book

Tao Ing Ying, the host of Sanli Media Company’s Love Tao Garden(Ai Shang Tao Hua Yuan), will invite DaS to her program. DaS shared her experiences for beauty and her album of drawing. She talked freely about her creative art world. Das expressed that her drawing book is not only her art works but also XiaoS and ZaiZai’s creative art works. She is usually putting this drawing book on her bedroom, if ZaiZai and XiaoS see it, they will draw something on it.

Open this drawing book, you will see a drawing of lady. DaS laughed and said: "this is my boy friend ZaiZai’s drawing. He wanted to draw the appearance of mine. But after he have done, everybody thought
it is a ghost" She expressed people are very impressed her long hair, so everybody is joking that this drawing looks like a ghost.

In the first page of the drawing book , ZaiZai make a drawing of DaS. One sentence had been written in the last page of this book, “ Quiet can rescue me! Everybody please be quiet!” DaS explained ZaiZai wrote this sentence because he wanted to express his feeling. Since ZaiZAi dates with Das, their love relationship has gotten attention from Media companies. People from Media companies have traced them everyday. It makes ZanZai uncomfortable and that’s why ZaiZai wants to express his feeling on the paper.

By drawing, Das can express her feeling. She pays attention to every details of keeping young and healthy. When she watched the news, she will pay attention to the entirety modeling of speakers not their speech.

Although DaS has described herself is a no patient, very active and lazy person, she takes a good care about herself. She said she use the electric tooth brush to brush her teeth. Everyday she needs to brush 4 times. Every time is 3 minutes. She takes a good care of each tooth. DaS also have a habit that she talked to the water everyday when she washes her face. She got this idea from a report. DaS laughed and said she saw an experimenting report with three cup of water. You talked to the first cup of water and said nice words to this cup of water. Then you talked bad words like “the water smells bad.” to the second cup of water. You didn’t talk to the third cup of water. After couple days later, the third cup of water became the dirtiest. Therefore, she always talks to the water before she washes her face.

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