Da S Nicknames Zai Zai ‘Wu Kong”; Says His New Hair Style Is Cute

Lately, Terry Guo’s criteria for a girlfriend have been the hot topic discussed. Yesterday at a Spring/Summer fashion show, Da S said, “Regardless whether it is a wealthy businessman or a female artiste, they are just like everyone else and need to fall in love.” When the topic of boyfriend Zai Zai’s new haircut was brought up, Da S’s face radiated with happiness and even revealed that she helped Zai Zai come up with a new nickname “Wu Kong”.

Da S has always been at the forefront of fashion. Yesterday, she wore a very mini soft dress with a twill weave (diagonal) pattern and this season’s most ‘in’ high wedge shoes, looking elegant and beautiful. Clarifying the rumours that the whitening needle recommended in her book on beauty can cure cancer, she said that the beauty treatments recommended in the book were all approved by certified Taiwan’s doctors. She also said that every treatment was different; one must choose the right doctor and right treatment, and not excessively use any product.

Corner With Love, the idol drama starring Da S and Xiao Zhu, has recently been garnering increasing ratings, and Da S’s mood has been good. She revealed yesterday that next month, she will be hosting a new programme with Xiao S on the latest beauty information. However the substance and timing of the programme has not been settled yet. She said that because Xiao S is considering having another baby and is worried that she may not have time to make another baby and she (Da S) is going to start filming series, the timing of the programme is still under negotiation.

Da S laughed happily when the topic of boyfriend Zai Zai was brought up. She revealed that Zai Zai’s short hair made him look very cute, and she gave him the nickname “Wu Kong”. Zai Zai has lost weight recently, giving many people a shock. Besides going vegetarian to accompany Da S, he has also been doing gym training as he wants to bulk up. Da S said that Zai Zai looked thin as he often worked out at home. Because she does not like to exercise, she will usually only sit with him and watch.

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