Da S in movie “Love Audible Practice”

Da S went to Shanghai to attend the Shanghai TV Festival. Due to the slolen scenes which she had to re-shoot for her movie Love Audible Practice, Da S is phsically and mentally exchausted, but because of the good news, she is nominated for best actress in the said festival, she used “wild with joy” to describe her mood, and then she immediately wanted to take a look at the names of the other nominees.

In Corner with Love, Da S plays the young lady “Yu Xin Lei” from a wealthy family, but then she experienced misfortunes in life and lost all her wealth. Even is she lost everything she has, she still has to smile gracefully, which is very similar to herself. But this year other nominees are all from mainland, even her drama Corner with Love is the only nominated drama from Taiwan. Therefore, Da S will attend the ceremony with Angie Cai.

Da S said she isn’t hoping to win the award, but if she wins, the person she wants to thank the most is Angie Cai, “because she always give me the best dramas”

After Da S and Zai Zai’s break up, both have been very busy and so they’ve lost contact for a long time. And since Da S became single, Peter Ho admitted his love for Da S in public, and Eddie Peng went in the same car with Da S.

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