Da S Enters Jail-Cell While Real Prisoners Watch their Filming

To film this Sunday’s episode of CTV’s "Corner with Love" , Da S had to enter a detention cell. She said, this is her first time in such a place and it is very intriguing.

When Da S arrived at the filming site, although the detention cell was reserved for filming, they can still see the other real prisoners through the railings because of the small space . In order to maintain order and security, real police stationed at the side and the atmosphere has suddenly become serious.

Despite Da S’ bold personality, she said "since the prisoners were really watching us through the railings, the atmosphere was very tricky. Although they were locked up inside, we feel a great gap. But fortunately the scene requires that I was very afraid. In such an atmosphere, the acting can be interpreted better".

Although the photo shows only Da S, Xiao Zhu is not idle either. His character has to go everywhere to raise bail money and also has an argument with Dean’s character. He goes crazy trying to help Da S who is taking punishment for someone else. In CWL, Xiao Zhu plays kind-hearted Qin Lang. Xiao Zhu said : "In comparison with the real me, Qin Lang is really very good. When Da S gave him plane tickets he did not accept because of pride. Then Da S goes bankrupt yet he gives her shelter and goes to extremes to help this person. I do not have the means to achieve such perfectly". Soon, Xiao Zhu will start touring. He will only stay six days in Taiwan for March, and the rest he will be overseas to promote his album.

For tomorrow’s episode of CTV "Corner with Love" (Sunday 3/4 10:00pm), the princess will be in significant trouble. Her parents abandoned her after becoming bankrupt and had to find work as stewardess and private housekeeper for an international musician. She has been accused of stealing a ring from a safe. She was arrested by police and has been detained for several days.

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