Da S & Xiao Zhu attended Cable-I Event ; Da S Denies Break up Rumors

Xiao Zhu is not only popular in Taiwan, but is also loved by his Hong Kong fans. Yesterday, he and Da S arrived at the airport, where hundred of fans came to meet them. Last night Xiao Zhu attended the Cable-1 party, and his fans stayed outside to show their support.

Yesterday, Cable-1 held their first ceremony. The event’s stars are Xiao Zhu and Da S who came all the way form Taiwan. Hong Kong female star Yu Anan, Chen Yalun and Tong Ai Ling. Other guest stars are Xu Kuanwen, Ye Shihjung and Huang Kuanzhonhg.

Xiao Zhu is happy that many fans came to suppot him. He was asked about having a girlfriend, he said that he used to liked Italian girls before but now it doesnt matter as long as she’s good to her parents and she has a good heart.

news source: singtao daily


Da S Denies breaking up with ZZ

Xiao Zhu, Luo ZhiXiang attended Cable 1’s cocktail party with Da S. Da S denies the rumours of her break-up with ZZ, “I gave him a computer as a gift, he said that its very practical”. Da S stated that she’ll be busy with this event and so she couldnt meet her friend Zhang Chih (*is this Cecilia?), she did’nt know that she’s having a prenatal depression, but she could just send a message to her.

Xiao Zhu has more fans than Da S

When XZ arrived, 50 fans forced themselves forward against the security to take a look at him.

After their meeting with the media yesterday afternoon, they immediately attended the Cable TV activity. Xiao Zhu arrived at the airport at 10:30 am with more than 10 securities escorting him. He was wearing a hat, and sunglasses, he forced to smile although he looked tired. 50 fans went crazy after seeing him, and even gave him a small gift, in the envelope was written “Please give this to the Asias Dance king”. Da S arrived 45 minutes later, she’s more relaxed although there’s only 10 fans went to meet her. But Da S managed to smile the whole time, even initiated to shake their hands, and had a talk with her fans.

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