Da S Catwalks for Marc Jacobs

DaS catwalked for her favourite brand "Marc Jacobs" and "Marc by Marc Jacobs" (MMJ) wearing a cute dress modelling for the next fall season clothing. Because her heels were very high, she was very nervous and afraid of falling during the show. She also said that she put a lot of effort into this walk: "Expression needs to be real, posture needs to be proessional."

ZaiZai and DaS frequently get photographed when they go out on dates, especially to the malls. A few of these times they were seen in Marc Jacobs shopping for clothing, and DaS responds: "That another reason why this brand is so special to me!" Because she loves this brand, and really wanted to walk a fashion show with models, she didnt care about the amount she got paid. When asked how much did she really get paid, she just revealed it was a 6 figure amount.

DaS says that when she watches "America’s Next Top Model" she would always invision herself as a contestant. For this Marc Jacobs event, she says that she had been practicing at home a lot, not wanting to embarass herself. She wanted to be as professional and as good as the real models, but when she saw her shoes on the day of the event, she just thought: "As long as i dont fall, then it’s okay." Neither HsuMa or ZaiZai were nervous for her, but DaS was still very conscious about it, she arrived at 4 when the show started at 8 to prepare.

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