Da S and Hei Ren in Wu Lin Da Dao

CTV’s management has announced today that Da S and Hei Ren were chosen to host their newest dance competition program “Wu Lin Da Dao”. Da S admitted that she loves hip-hop dancing, and she was the one who influenced Xiao S from learning ballroom dancing. She also added that when she was in pre-school she went to a ballet school and she also learned folk dances.

Da S said that she wants to focus on acting but when Hei Ren received the offer from Wang Wei Zhong and she also received a phone call offering her to hosts the program, she was overwhelmed and an hour later she made a return call saying that she’s accepting the offer.

When asked why she isn’t hosting with her sister Xiao S, she said the Xiao S likes dancing very much but because of her family that she can’t accept another work.

“Wu Lin Da Dao” will broadcast on the 24th, 8:00 on primetime. When asked if she feels pressured, she said”I’m not after the ratiings, i believe that in our program, the participants will influence our audience, we will let them feel that people can achieve their dreams”

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