Cyndi Wang Super Tired After Being Boss For One Day

Cyndi Wang didn’t have to film on the 22, but she wasn’t just lazying around, wasting the day. Because she’s the spokesperson of that item, she had to be boss for one day. But the tiredness couldn’t be hidden on her face, during her break, she couldn’t help but yell: “I’m so tired, I want to sleep so badly.”

For her idol drama, “Smiling Pasta”, Cyndi films in the daytime and the nighttime. Yesterday because she suffered from heatstroke and her body still wasn’t feeling too good, she went to Dong Qu for the day.

Filming for the idol drama will be finished completely in October, Cyndi smiled and said: “Don’t know when I can have a break?” There are rumors that she has really big wishes that she could relax and temporarily not work for a while.

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