Cutie Mui Hopes to work with Alvina and Margie Again

Cutie Mui, Wu Fung and Louis Yuen were the latest guests on "Questioning Showbiz" that was filmed yesterday and Cutie indicated that she has been very happy recently because her good friends Alvina Kong and Margie Tsang have both returned to TVB, with Alvina hosting this quiz and Margie filming for "Curious Detective". Cutie says happily: "I hope that in 2007 we will have the chance to work together again, but I doubt it will be in a series. More than likely it will be in a variety show."

Cutie has not found another love after her break-up with Savio Tsang and Alvina and Margie have been continuously looking for suitable candidates for her and this touches Cutie a lot. With Alvina happily married and Margie having her fixed rumoured boyfriend Kenneth Ma in tow, they do not want Cutie to be left on their own, so they are working hard to find her a partner. When Cutie was asked whether Kenneth is around when she meets up with Margie, she jokes: "When the three of us go out for a meal, the focus is on the three of us and I have never come across Margie bringing her ‘horse’ ["Ma"=horse in Chinese] because she usually drives. I don’t think she is a horse owner. Of course, I hope that she can be a horse owner, then I can get one of my own."

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