Cui Jian to Play Open Air Festival

Cui Jian, the living legend, has been invited to play the Songzhuang Culture Fest. The October event coincides with China’s joyful, moonlit holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival.

Cui Jian has agreed to headline the outdoor concert at Songzhuang, Beijing’s best-known artist’s community. Hailed as the Godfather of Chinese rock n’ roll, he’s been active on the music scene for more than 25 years. Cui Jian is famous for provocative lyrics and passionate live performances.

Cui said:"You can’t be without passion if you want to rock and roll. You do it with passion, or simply not at all, there’s no alternative. Some people say rockers should disappear once they reach a certain age. But that’s beyond my understanding. Why? ‘Cuz I’m infatuated with music, it’s like my lover. I won’t let it go, not ’til the day I die."

It’s long been one of Cui’s wishes to do an open-air show, in Beijing. And at Songzhuang, well outside the capital’s downtown area, the dream will be fulfilled. There’s an unobstructed area covering 150 thousand square meters, and surrounded by woods. His performance, titled "To Get Over the Day", is slated for October 6th – the traditional Mid-Autumn festival, held each year under the 8th full moon.

It’s a month away, but fans are already eager to see how Cui "Gets Over the Day".

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