Crystals for Love


Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink crystal emits gentle soothing vibrations to help heal all emotional hurts and brings comfort in times of heartbreak.
The calming, soothing and reassuring vibrations of this crystal work exceptionally well by bringing relief to stress and tension related illnesses and also rapid pain relief for those suffering headaches and migraines.

Whether you are seeking new love and friendship or wishing to invite a past love back into your life, Rose Quartz will help you to overcome your difficulties, its positive vibrations attract love.

If you are trying to repair your existing relationship Rose Quartz will help you to put the passion and sparkle back into your life.

The stone of love can also aid fertility.

This powerful crystal will bring contentment, fulfilment, peace and joy into your life.

Carry the Rose Quartz with you and allow abundance and happiness to fill your life.

The VENUS STONE also invites love and friendship into the lives of all who activate its powerful energies.

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