Corner With Love Prepares to Film Sequel?

The first episode of "Corner With Love", staring Xiao Zhu and Da S, was aired last week and they are already preparing for a sequel?

In just one year, idol dramas has been popular for filming sequels. The ratings for It Started With a Kiss had exceeded 4 and therefore after Chinese New Year, they will be filming a sequel. The sequel will revolve around main characters, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin’s college life as a married couple.

Hana Kimi is currently still the champion of the ratings. The production team is also having thoughts about a sequel. Mike He and Rainie Yang are currently filming Exchange Love (???), which is like another version of Devil Beside You. Although the storyline is different, the cast is still the same. As with Corner With Love, CTV expressed that the cooperation between Xiao Zhu and Da S helps them with their confidence. Therefore, it is inevitable to film a sequel.

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