“Confession of Pain” Director Talks About Film

Director Wai Keung Lau says he would be quite happy if his film "Confession of Pain" would gross over 100 million yuan at the box office in China.

While promoting the film in Guangzhou on Saturday, Lau told reporters he was already quite satisfied with the box office receipts of this film, which took in over 24 million yuan during its first three days of release.

Commenting on the theme of the film, Lau said, "Confession of Pain is not only about sadness. It’s also about how people treat their feelings of sadness. Some people try to heal their wounds, but some let them rot."

"Confession of Pain" tells the story of a detective and his former partner who treats their past pains in completely different ways.

The director says he likes this film even better than his previous success, "Infernal Affairs."

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