Concert queen on a roll

RE-INVENTION has always worked to Pops Fernandez’s advantage.

But of course. When you’re already being upstaged by younger singers, who all can carry a proper tune, and have to compete with prettier models for space in magazines, the only sensible thing for a veteran artist to do is get a new image.

And Pops Fernandez knows how to do it very well.

Perhaps the boldest and controversial move that she did was posing for FHM magazine. It did not make ripples. It created waves. Not only that, it sparked up a tension between Pops and ex-husband Martin Nievera, who reportedly thought of the sexy photographs as lewd.

But to everyone’s surprise, the more people talked about the issue, the more jobs came knocking on Pops Fernandez’s door.

From April 19 to June 8, Pops Fernandez will be on a concert tour in the United States with Kuh Ledesma. They will be making the rounds in Anchorage, Chicago, Honolulu, Maui, Las Vegas, California, and New Jersey.

Pops and Kuh’s tandem has been proven successful in the past, so the organizers thought that it’s high time these seasoned performers went out of country and proved to everyone that they’re world-class and still very much in-demand. —GLibarios

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