Complete List of the 2007 Golden Bauhinia Film Awards Nominations

Pang Ho-cheung’s “The Exodus” leads the race for honors at this year’s Golden Bauhinia Film Awards with 10 nominations, while Jacob Cheung’s “A Battle of Wits” and Patrick Tam’s “After This Our Exile” each have nine nods, followed by Yau Nai-hoi’s “Eye in the Sky” with eight.

Those four pics are battling for best film against Johnnie To’s triad pic “Exiled,” which got three nominations, including director and cinematography in the noms, announced Thursday by the Hong Kong Film Critics Assn.

Those helmers also will compete for director, along with Ann Hui for “The Postmodern Life of My Aunt.” Awards are set to take place Sept. 1.

Golden Bauhinia Film Awards nominations:


Simon Yam, “The Exodus”
Andy Lau, “A Battle of Wits”
Tony Leung Ka-fai, “Eye in the Sky,”
Aaron Kwok, “After This Our Exile”
Lau Ching-wan, “My Name Is Fame.”


Gigi Leung, “Wonder Women,”
Rene Liu, “Kidnap,”
Feng Bing-bing, “A Battle of Wits,”
Charlene Choi, “Simply Actors”
Gong Li “Curse of the Golden Flower.”

Supporting Actor

Cheung Ka-fai, “The Exodus,”
Wang Zhiwen, “A Battle of Wits,”
Lam Suet, “Eye in the Sky,”
Goum Ian Iskander, “After This Our Exile”
Liu Ye, “Curse of the Golden Flower.”

Supporting Actress

Fiona Sit, “Wonder Women,”
Isabella Leong, “Diary,”
Monie Tung, “My Mother Is a Belly Dancer,”
Kelly Lin, “After This Our Exile”
Zhou Xun, “The Banquet.”


Kate Tsui, “Eye in the Sky”
Goum Ian Iskander, “After This Our Exile”
Huo Siyan, “My Name Is Fame”


Vincci Cheuk, Wan Chi-man, Pang Ho-cheung, “The Exodus”
Jacob Cheung, “A Battle of Wits”
Yau Nai-hoi, Au Kin-yee, “Eye in the Sky”
Patrick Tam, Tian Koi-leong, “After This Our Exile”
Li Quang, “The Postmodern Life of My Aunt”

Action Choreography

Donnie Yen, “Dragon Tiger Gate”
Stephen Tung-wai, “A Battle of Wits”
Yuen Stunt Team, “The Banquet”
Tony Ching Siu Tung, “Curse of the Golden Flower”

Art Direction

Man Lim-chung, “The Exodus”
Yi Zhenzhou, “A Battle of Wits”
Tim Yip, “The Banquet”
Huo Tingxiao, “Curse of the Golden Flower”


Stanley Tam, “The Exodus”
David Richardson, “Eye in the Sky”
Patrick Tam, “After This Our Exile”
Liu Miaomiao, “The Banquet”


Charlie Lam, “The Exodus”
Tony Cheung, “Eye in the Sky”
Cheung Siu-keung, “Exiled”
Andrew Lau Wai-keung, Lai Yiu-fai, “Confession of Pain”
Li Zhang “The Banquet”


Gabriele Roberto, “The Exodus”
Robert Jay Ellis Geiger, “After This Our Exile”,
Tan Dun, “The Banquet”
Peter Kam, “Protege”

Sound Design

Sam Wang, Mok Jiajia, “Dragon Tiger Gate”
Steve Burgess, He Wei, “A Battle of Wits”
Kinson Tsang, “Confession of Pain”
Tao Jing, “Curse of the Golden Flower”

Most Creative Award

“The Exodus”
“My Mother Is a Belly Dancer”
“Simply Actors”


“Tangshan Tangshan”
“Confession of Pain”
“The Banquet”
“Curse of the Golden Flower”

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