Commemorating Loving Dog – Ella Spreads Love

Since the passing of Ella’s loving dog “Qiang Qiang”, she personally composed “Qiang Qiang” to commemorate the love to her dog, creating the small love becoming big love, distributes on the 24th, the EP “Qiang Qiang” income is to be donated to the family of stray animals society, Ella said: “I must collect all my sadness, and give more of my love to even more animals.”

Ella bought the pakistanian dog near the end 2003, when she first bought it, she noticed it didn’t walk regularly, SHE jokingly nicknamed it [Falling Chain], then discovered Qiang Qiang was actually a female, because internally had more male hormones, it caused the dog to be both male & female, also causing the dog to be more week and easily ill. So Ella named is Qiang Qiang, with the same sound when spoken to be Strong Strong, hoping it’s health will be stronger.

Because the hormones were out of balance, the veterinarian suggested Qiang Qiang should perform a vasectomy, never thought of before having 2 surgeries previously, this time it had an anesthetic allergice reaction; and couldn’t wake up from the surgery table. On that day’s afternoon Ella had to go to Hong Kong for work, got to the hospital to see Qiang Qiang the last time, had tears all the way to the airport, on the plane and in the work car, completed the song [Qiang Qiang] in her note book in tears.

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