Coco Doesn’t Want to be a Liar; Confesses to Plastic Surgery

There have been rumors and reports that Coco had her chin, shoulders, and fuller chest done, making Coco super mad. She admits that she did get surgery to get double eyelids, "My whole body, besides the eyes, everything is real."

Coco took the initiative and revealed that when she first debutted, her double eyelids were from tapes, but her eyelids got taped so much that they became loose. So after her second album, she decided to make her changes forever, and she went to get surgery for her eyelids. She didn’t confess to it all these years, but lately because everyone’s been suspicious that she’s does plastic surgery to a lot of other parts of her body, she decided to admit to her eyelid surgery, and claims that she wouldn’t lie about it.

Many woman admire Coco’s sharp chin, but she claims that she doesn’t like it much. She said: "I like rounder faces, my chin is too sharp." She also expressed that she definitely isn’t opposed to plastic surgery, "If you can let yourself be happier, and it doesn’t affect other people, it’s very ok." So she wouldn’t say that she’d never get plastic surgery.

Yesterday, at her new album "Yao Ding Ni" (Just Want You) reporters meeting, the record company gave her a small dog. Once she saw the dog, Coco couldn’t stop tearing, and finally when she calmed down, she expressed that her dog of 12 years Milky died February 20th of this year. "Before, everytime I released an album, Milky would always be by my side, he’d go with me to America and Hong Kong, this time, I’m missing him." She also purposelly showed her cellphone background – not her boyfriend, but of Milky.

Lately, Coco’s been very secretive about talking about her boyfriend, she’s been rejecting questions about her love life. Yesterday, she emphasized: "We’re very good. He’s not in the country now, but he’s very supportive of me, and I’m very faithful, there are no other lovers."

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