Clean space for better Feng Shui

Take a few precious moments to ponder the space in which you exist. Quietly observe each room, and allow yourself to experience the emotions that arise as you become aware of what you see.

Know that, without exception, whatever you see before you is a physical manifestation, or creation, of your internal process and the processes of those who share your space. If what you see around you makes you feel frustrated, depressed, angry, or any other negative emotions, use these as your guide. It is here that you can begin to change your life.

It is perhaps a mixed blessing that, as citizens of the richest country in the world, we find ourselves surrounded by numerous possessions.

It is vital to understand that everything that we bring into our space has its own vibration and its own unique energy. As we accumulate more and more stuff, our river of energy becomes bogged down and chaotic and is less able to flow freely and smoothly. It can actually become so negatively charged that it becomes an unhealthy environment in which to live.

We, in turn, also become bogged down in numerous ways. Besides having a profound effect on our energy field, all of these possessions require our attention. We must maintain them, clean them, and be sure that no one steals them. Our possessions pull at our time and energy. They can actually distract or prevent us from doing things that we love in life, and from getting in touch with our true selves.

There are deep and real messages about ourselves hidden inside our piles of stuff. We must ask ourselves why we feel like we need to own and hold on to so many things.

Realize also that, in order to make changes happen in your life, you must provide an environment that invites change. You must clear out the old in order to make room for the new.

The flow of energy is a channel that literally becomes clogged. When you thoughtfully sort through your possessions and eliminate all those that are no longer useful to you, a positive void is created in your life. This, in turn, forms a powerful current for attracting all sorts of life enriching and wonderful changes!

The following checklist is excerpted from an invaluable book entitled “The Feng Shui of Abundance” by Suzan Hilton. It offers some beautifully practical guidelines for evaluating your personal baggage.

As you look at your belongings, ask yourself the following questions:

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