Claire Yiu Prepares Lucky Packets,

This year is the first Chinese New Year as a married couple for Claire Yiu and Thomas Lam and as Thomas has a break on the first four days of the new year, they had planned to go away, but as this is their first year handing out lucky packets, they decided to stay in Hong Kong for the festival. They have also prepared a five figure sum for this, with the highest packets containing $1000, which will be given to their nephews and nieces.

Claire smiles: "I have ten younger cousins, so just giving them to my family is already quite costly. If ‘The Entire City Dances’ has not finished filming by then, I will have to give them out to the crew as well and that will take me over budget!" Asked if they are feeling the pinch, Thomas says: "After so many years of receiving, then it is time to give some back!" Claire had already given them out to the crew before she was married, but she says: "You can’t scrimp in the first year. I would rather save a little from my shopping budget, but if I do give out too much, we will be going away to avoid the new year next year!" As well as handing out lucky packets, Thomas will be buying some plum blossom to increase popularity luck.

After their marriage, Claire and Thomas have been invited to attend many promotional events as a couple, but they say that the fee is less than if they attended on their own, because they would usually give a discount. During the new year, many mainland sponsors have offered them work and Claire says that she has put her fee up a little to a lucky number to help out with the lucky packets! Does she want to have a golden pig baby? They both say that they do not want this and Claire adds: "I will have a daughter in a few years time and she can marry a golden pig like Cathy Tsui. Patrick Tam’s son is not bad, he is very good looking!"

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