Claire Yiu Marries for the Second time in Months

Having just married her real life husband Thomas Lam on 11th November, Claire Yiu donned a wedding gown again
to ‘marry’ another groom!

Claire was joined by other cast members of new series “The Entire City Dances” including Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui and her ‘husband’ Wayne Lai for the wedding scene. The more superstitious would say that this was a bad omen so early on in her wedding, but for Western-educated Claire, she was not worried and said: “I never thought I would get married again so quickly. When I got married in real life Kate and Rabee’a [Yeung] were there as bridesmaids and today they are here again, so it is like re-living the experience again. (Are you worried about this being a bad omen?) No, people say that it is fine to do say anything a month after the wedding. (Do you plan to have children to brighten things up?) I have no plans yet, we are enjoying our life together first.” Steven then revealed: “Claire says I am her first choice as a prospective marriage partner and says I am very attractive, making people mock me as being the sweet for the ladies.”

Kate was one of the first to laugh that Claire was marrying twice in one year. Asked if she has plans to get married, she shakes her head and says: “No, I hope that I can get married before I am 35, but I am concentrating on my career for now and will give myself some time to find my true love.” Bernice is also focusing on her career so she does not have any plans to marry yet.

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