Claire Yiu Afraid of Turning Ugly After Marriage

Claire Yiu modelled for a bridal company show yesterday and she syas that she was very surprised to still be invited to do these shows after her own marriage, so she was very happy.

Claire was asked whether she will have some new wedding photos taken with her husband after a while and she says she is afraid of turning ugly, so she will not. However, if they have children, then she will have some family portraits taken instead. However, she has lots of travel plans for this year and she would like to continue training for her badminton. Moreover, she would like to work in front of the camera for at least another year or two, so when she feels more settled then she will consider having children. Her husband shares her views, so he has not put any pressure on her. She is currently hosting a series about health and many of her friends ask her for advice on healthcare, treating her like she is a doctor. She says she will have to work harder on this to avoid being unable to answer their questions.

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